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Conference presentations

Conferences are a great opportunity to share my research ideas and get inspired by exciting ideas from others. Given below are some of my invited conference presentations.

Do Online Ratings Accurately Reflect Quality? The Impact of Price and Reviewer Expertise on the Reviewed Quality of Restaurants.

  • Theory + Practice Conference, University of Pennsylvania, 2021

  • ISMS Marketing Science Conference, University of Rochester, 2021

  • Artificial Intelligence in Management Conference, USC Marshall, 2021

  • Doctoral Symposium, University of Houston, 2021

  • Marketing Strategy Doctoral Consortium, University of Texas, Austin, 2020

  • ISMS Marketing Science Conference, Duke University, 2020

New Product Entry for Long Term Survival: Waterfall, Sprinkler, or Niche?

  • Marketing Strategy Doctoral Consortium, Indiana University, 2019

  • PDMA Doctoral Consortium, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2019

  • ISMS Marketing Science Conference, Roma Tre University, 2019

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